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The Unwritten Letter

Several years ago I did not realize the severity of my loss
But now this road of sadness I must cross
Grandfather a proper mourning for you I did not give
But now I would do anything to have you live.

To think of the years past, often brings a tear to my eye
But to speak to you I need only look at the sky
Your presence around me I can often feel
And I want you to see that my love for you was real.

Fixing the house, watching t.v., or just talkin with you
Are all the things which life forced me to bid adieu
But I cannot help but think of the man whom I loved so
And not be angered at God for making him go.

While I was unable to be with you in your final days
Of your memory I will hold nothing but praise
Perhaps many of these things should have been said long ago
But in my heart I know your forgiveness will glow
For in all of your wisdom and all of your time
Your love for me will forever be mine.